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Emma 115 x 63 cm Princess 115 x 63 cm Paw Patrol 115 x 63 cm Mickey 115 x 63 cm
1106Emma17-mod1701 1190Prinzess17-Kite1701 1219PawPatrol17-kite1701 1109Mickey17-Kite1701
Gemini 30 x 32 cm Infinity 48 x 47 cm Stratos 53 x 50 cm Beast 25 x 22 cm
1458Gemini17_mod170 1514Infinity17-mod1701 1629Stratos17-model1701 1607Beast17-mod-abbildung-org1701
Air Rocket 23 cm Classic 70 x 70 cm Dragon 3D 102 x 320 cm Twisted Wheel 48 x 103 cm
1549AirRocket17_Mod1701 1119Classic17_mod170 1136Dragon3D17-mod170 1307TwistedWheel-Abbildung
Active Loop 160 cm Blue Loop 130 cm Cora 3D 144 x 80 cm Meteor 200 cm
1084ActiveLoop17-mod1701 1083BlueLoop-mod1701 1152Cora-mod-1701 1039Meteor09-mod-1701

Gunther - everything that flies...

Videos of our items can also be found on Youtube

For over 65 years we have been developing

and producing flying models and kites.

To play with GÜNTHER means: to be in

active contact with nature, to experience

the power of wind and waves.  


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