Welcome to Günther
the manufacturer of “ANYTHING THAT FLIES”

Airborne toys made by Günther in Eggenfeld, Lower Bavaria – still as popular today as they were over 65-years ago when the company was founded!

Children need nature, and flying kites or rubber-band-powered model aircraft heightens their awareness of wind and weather. Airborne toys made by Günther stand for simple, well-functioning, eco-friendly technology and active outdoor play in a close-to-nature environment. 

For over 65 years, we have been developing and manufacturing “ANYTHING THAT FLIES” in Germany – classic children’s kites, dynamic stunt kites, easy-to-use rubber-band-powered model aircraft, gliders, catapult gliders and lots more attractive airborne toys. And for playing on water, we also offer sailing boats with a distinctive red and while hull.

It would be hard to find an adult who hasn’t played with one of these Günther products at some time in his youth. Incidentally, the catapult glider “Sparrow”, which has sold more than 5 million times, must be one of the world’s best-selling airborne toys.

In addition to the kites and airborne toys that we manufacture ourselves, we supply toy retailers and supermarkets with licensed kites featuring extremely popular motifs that are a big hit with children all over the world.

Quality and functionality by tradition

Looking back, I must have been about eight years old when I flew my first kite with my brothers and sisters – even all that time ago it was an eagle kite made by Günther. Today, as managing director of Güntherand responsible among other things for new in-house developments, I still fly kites; although this is often for business reasons – testing the flight properties of our new kites – I still get as much enjoyment out of “flying” as I did back then. And I’m pleased to see that more and more parents and their children are reverting to active outdoor play rather than inactive computer games.

Alfred Stefan

Alfred Stefan, Managing Director

Accompany the Bavarian broadcasting station (BR) on a tour of the Günther factory.